I didn’t get a confirmation email.

You may need to check your Spam/Junk mail folders. Alternatively, you could have entered your email incorrectly when you registered.

How to remedy:

  1. Check your Spam/Junk mail folder for an email titled Arkansas New Staff Orientation: New User Account From System Administrator (via NewStaff).
  2. If you do not see an email in any of your folders, it’s possible that you entered your email incorrectly upon registering. Try again to create a new account using the same email address.
    • If the system tells you that you already have an account, Click the button to “Recover forgotten username or password”. Follow the steps to search by email address (Or, search by username if you remember the username that you created upon registering).
  3. If you continue to have issues, try to register with a different email address.

The module isn’t marking as complete on the course page after I take the assessment

If you have attempted the assessment at different times or on different days, your browser may become temperamental or confused. Also, if you are taking the course on a device that other learners have also used to take this course, the browser may experience difficulties.